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Mikrolaserschneiden Mikroanwendung Uhrenindustrie Durnico
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    • 4-axis precision laser cutting
    • Our precision laser system significantly increases productivity in the range of sheet thicknesses of 0.02 mm to 3.0 mm.
    • Feasible surface finishes up to Ra 0.80 / N6
    • Pipe processing up to Ø 80 mm, thanks to a controlled fourth axis
    • Materials to be processed: titanium, steel, stainless and alloyed steels, non-ferrous metals, various plastics
    • Material thicknesses: Foils from 0.02 mm; sheets up to 3.00 mm
    • Dimensional and shape accuracy for sheet thicknesses up to 1.5 mm: from +/- 0.01 mm to +/- 0.02 mm, for sheet thicknesses up to 3.0 mm: +/-0.03mm
  • Accuracy up to 3.0mm sheet thickness = +/-0.03mm

This procedure is an economical and technically outstanding thermal and contactless process for a fast and precise processing of sheet metal, metal foils, and other plate-shaped materials. High-precision laser cutting is a cost-effective alternative to the classic punching process, even for small and medium-sized series production. Furthermore, contour changes can be realized quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Laser cutting permits almost unlimited possibilities and very high accuracies. We cut small and large production series – even with highly complex geometries.

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Swiss Quality

iso 9001 und ISO 13485

The accredited ISO certificates 9001 and 13485 confirm how we go without saying. With these certificates, we fulfil the strict quality management regulations for the supply of products which have to meet official requirements and for the manufacturing of medical products as well. We adhere to the strict regulations with both the stringent manufacturing processes and the terms of accompanying technical documentation.

You’ve got the issue – RETERO GmbH comes with the solution
We specialize in manufacturing of micro and small parts made of conductive materials, especially of ceramics and hard metals.

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