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In 3D milling, workpieces can be machined in all three spatial directions X, Y and Z. Due to the dynamic movement of the three axes, both concave and convex contours can be milled. Two CNC vertical machining centers, an NC milling machine, conventional lathes, a surface grinding machine for fast and efficient production of fixtures and milled parts, as well as a great deal of know-how optimally complement our range of services.


CNC-controlled 3D milling machines get their commands from a computer programmed with all the relevant data. In this way, extremely precisely manufactured parts can be produced from various materials.

3D means three-dimensional, we machine the width, the height, and depth of a workpiece. Due to the high-precision computer control, we can also mill out reliefs. For example, if the computer of a 3D milling machine is fed with the exact data of a mountain profile, the milling machine can produce the complete surface structure of the mountain in miniature.


The smaller the part, the more precise the work. The smallish a part of a mechanical system is – e. g. components of a wristwatch – the more drastic is the effect of even the slightest deviations from the specified masses. In the construction of a house, deviations of a few millimeters do not have much effect on the quality of the building, but when it comes to precision engineering, even deviations of a few thousandths of a millimeter can have negative consequences.


Only precisely manufactured parts guarantee the best possible quality of complex mechanical workpieces. All individual parts must fit together perfectly; any deviation from the standard generates errors in micromachining. 3D milling in micromachining ensures the highest possible precision and thus provide the basis for best quality.

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  • 2 CNC machining systems – path: X = 700, Y = 400, Z = 300 mm
  • 1 NC milling machine with drilling quill – path: X = 800, Y = 420, Z = 620 mm
  • Fixture marking in wage work
  • Milled parts of all kinds in wage work
  • Drilling work of all kinds in wage work
  • Devices for optimizing costs and increasing production efficiency
  • 3D milling
  • Surface finish directly on the milling machine

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Swiss Quality

iso 9001 und ISO 13485

The accredited ISO certificates 9001 and 13485 confirm how we go without saying. With these certificates, we fulfil the strict quality management regulations for the supply of products which have to meet official requirements and for the manufacturing of medical products as well. We adhere to the strict regulations with both the stringent manufacturing processes and the terms of accompanying technical documentation.

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We specialize in manufacturing of micro and small parts made of conductive materials, especially of ceramics and hard metals.